The 2019 program can be download here: Visions Program 2019 [updated 08 May 2019]

Day 1
28 Aug 2019
Day 2
29 Aug 2019
Day 3
30 Aug 2019
12:00 - 13:00

Registration Desk Open

Safety Differently Masterclass

In this Masterclass we will hear from three safety professionals as they each present case studies and practical demonstrations of real life solutions to contemporary safety challenges. The Masterclass will also include an extended panel discussion, with the inclusion of a...
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Kym Bancroft
Josh Bryant
Jonathan Lincolne

Opening / Introduction

David Whitefield
14:00 - 14:30

Afternoon Tea

17:00 - 19:00

Welcoming Drinks & Networking

07:00 - 16:00

Registration Desk Open

09:45 - 10:15

Morning Tea

Go Disrupt Yourself

Is this an encouragement? A challenge? Or a sarcastic insult?! Disruption, innovation and ‘the Future’ are all buzzwords from the mouths of excitable leaders, yet dampened by a lack of practical action, alongside scaremongering about job losses and impending obsolescence. Let’s...
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Andrew Barrett

Changing the Safety Conversations

Developing a mentally healthy workplace is a goal for safety professionals, HR teams and lawyers alike, it leads to more productivity and greater safety. Organisations continue to invest in wellness programs and encourage employees to build their resilience. In this session,...
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Linda Ray
Chris Phillips
11:45 - 12:30


Aging Workforce & Musculoskeletal Issues

The ageing workforce is an issue ubiquitous to the baby boomer generation and it will continue to challenge employers in coming decade. The current retirement age in Australia is 65, however, Gen Xs will now retire at 70 and it can...
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Leanne Loch

Risk Assessment – What Works?

Andrea often finds risk assessments have not been done properly, especially when conducting incident investigations.   Also, Andrea shares examples from machinery risk assessments and demonstrates why the popular plant hazard checklists continually fail to identify serious problems.   The good...
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Andrea Rowe

Keeping it Real in the World we live in Now

A deep dive into Managing the Wellbeing in Workplaces where managing the risk is the focus and not Yogurt and Yoga !!!!   Peter will be outlining how they successfully manage all aspects of employee wellbeing within Redland City Council. And...
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Peter Gould

New Tech and Automation

The Mirror and the Lamp view of Automation   The Mirror and Lamp analogy has been used for many years to reflect back to people what is happening around them and then shine the lamp on new possible futures.   The...
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Ron Day

Design for Workplace Diversity

A human factors’ approach to design for diversity can arise from fundamental task (re)design that  may be traditionally stationed in the areas of work, health, and safety (such as manual task risk  reduction), but the practice, from this orientation, can provide a practical means to integrate the  activity of business units. Recognition of the outcomes arising from these approaches can convey and  advance organisational strategy and, thus, engage executive leadership so that these programs  continue to receive support. Participants will be challenged to consider how their work can advance the agenda of the  organisation in terms of the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce, and how they  can better articulate the connection between their safety initiatives with the objectives to  address occupational health and wellness. Participants will be introduced to an outline of  design for diversity concepts and features broadly and through case study illustration. The  idea of better business unit integration and leadership engagement through shared  investment in design objectives, measures, and outcomes will be presented. Click here to read abstract in full
Sara Pazell
14:30 - 15:00

Afternoon Tea

Properly Marketing Safety

‘Selling’ health and safety seems to be a perpetual challenge for professionals. Why? Because we have a selling problem. To us, the benefits of better health and safety may be obvious – but it may not be to others. This workshop...
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Andrew Barrett

Fantasy Planning: The gap between systems and safety and safety of systems

Numerous large-scale disasters have revealed fantasy plans—safety artifacts (plans, risk assessments etc.) that are intended or believed to accurately reflect operational risk and work practices, but do not. In contrast to “drift”, where operations gradually become less safe, fantasy plans describe...
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Ben Hutchinson
08:00 - 13:00

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Doing Due Diligence Correctly

Recent prosecutions of corporate officers and the current focus on penalties for officers of social media companies highlights the increased focus on officer due diligence compliance. Regulators are no longer interested in a ‘relationship’, they expect compliance. The session will unpack...
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Harold Downes

Challenging the Regulator

Recent prosecutions of corporate officers and the current focus on penalties for officers of social media companies highlights the increased focus on officer due diligence compliance. Regulators are no longer interested in a ‘relationship’, they expect compliance. The session will unpack...
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Andries Fourie

Lead Safety Culture

Safety culture has been described as one of the most thoroughly researched yet poorly understood concepts in safety science (Reason, 2000). Indeed, a plethora of models and frameworks exist, which makes it difficult for practitioners to know where to begin (Vu...
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Jennie Trinder
10:15 - 10:30

Morning Tea

Creating a Sense of Us

  Partnering with the University of Queensland; WorkCover and LivingWell in the 5R Program in late 2018, I have applied an intervention using social identity theory (Turner & Tajfel, 1979) in a leadership and wellbeing program which we then integrated into...
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Mark Cooper

IOU Infections

Every year in August/September in Brisbane, the number of reported instances of influenza and other communicable diseases spike 1 . Every year the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland host the Royal Queensland Show (aka the “Ekka”) in August...
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Amanda Jones

Yin & Yang Safety Mangement & Leadership

What is more important – good safety management or good safety leadership? Essentially this is a debate that began in 1977, when a Harvard Business School Professor published a paper titled “Managers and Leaders: Are they Different?” It remains a topic...
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Alan Sim

Worker heat stress ‘workability’ in an evolving climate

While Queensland’s climate is diverse, encompassing tropical, sub-tropical, hot arid and temperate zones, all regions endure extended periods of hot weather with the frequency and intensity of these hot periods projected to increase. The impact of this heat is widespread, including...
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Matt Brearley
12:00 - 12:30

Lunch Break

Contractor Management – NHVR

Sue Bottrell has worked in occupational health and safety, including the transport industry, and worker’s compensation rehabilitation for the past 18 years. Sue is a suitably qualified OHS professional as defined by Worksafe Victoria (2008), has qualifications in safety to a...
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Sue Bottrell

Beefing up Safety in Red Meat Industry

The Teys family has been involved in the Australian beef industry since 1946, when four Teys Brothers formed a partnership that was involved in wholesaling and retailing meat in South East Queensland. From these humble beginnings, the family has grown its...
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Julia Teys


This study provides a comparison of two events involving a run-away light vehicle which occurred for the same organisation, at the same location, 24 months apart. The first event was investigated using a typical investigation technique designed to identify the root...
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Mark Alston

5 Disruptive Safety Questions

Many organisations have reached a point in their safety maturity journey where further improvement is no longer possible with the same strategies that got them to that point (eg. more systems, compliance, training, enforcement etc). This represents both a paradox and...
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David Whitefield
14:30 - 14:45

Afternoon Tea