Conference Program

We have an exciting program of speakers lined up. Sharing contemporary strategies, new initiatives and alternative approaches to address the challenges of managing OHS. Drawing from the lessons learnt to consider local application while also progressing of the standards of health and safety industry-wide.

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Welcome Drinks - 08 Sep 2021

Welcome Drinks

Day 1
09 Sep 2021

Opening Address

David Clarke

Humans as Hazards – Have we fully assessed the risks of a changing world

We are often confronted with circumstances where control measures have been circumvented. Those controls are often criticised as they have not protected against human error. It raises the question, have...
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Damien Hegarty

Risk Assessments: What managers should know when reviewing

Managers are required to review and approve risk assessments within their sphere of control. Too often managers will be presented with inadequate risk assessments that do not provide sufficient context...
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Mark Alston

Digitising Health & Safety – Empowering a Self-Service Culture

The health and safety industry has traditionally been perceived to rely on a heavily paper based system. With the continued advancements in technology all around us, as Health and Safety...
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Barry Burke
Sara Kuzmanovski

When Risk Assessments inadvertently replace Risk Management

Safety management systems are developed to help organisations in the water industry to systematically manage their safety risks. What is less studied or recognised, however, is that these same safety...
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Ben Hutchinson

How virtual reality is making workplaces safe

It has been proven that learning with Virtual Reality is actually making workplaces safer. Founder and CEO Michael O’Reilly will explain how Next World’s Learning Experiences can increase knowledge acquisition...
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Michael O’Reilly

“Do you want to be the surfer or theseaweed?” – sharing of research case-studies and unpack some wellbeing strategies

We are in constantly changing environments with restructures, business buy outs, contract work and the constant need for upskilling, re skilling, and further education. This can make you feel like...
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Carolyn Alchin

A case study on the implementation of critical risk management

Critical Risk Management (CRM) is increasingly becoming a priority for most organisations. In many cases, business will look to external guidance or specialist software for the implementation of a CRM...
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Josh Bryant

Why do worker injuries spike when it’s hot?

Why do worker injuries spike when it’s hot? Matt Brearley1,2, Thomas Longden3, Simon Quilty3,4 1 Thermal Hyperformance, Hervey Bay QLD 2 National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre, Darwin NT...
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Matt Brearley

Indigenous Safety

Working with indigenous Australians, especially in North Queensland, is common place, but not always straight forward. There are a number of particular processes and cultural differences which need to be...
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Jamen Wilcox

Panel Discussion – The legal and practical issues of responding to inspectorate and union

Aaron will lead a panel discussion talking through the legal and practical issues of responding to union/inspectorate right of entry and responding to statutory notices. What does compliance look like?...
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Aaron Anderson

Gala Conference Evening

Join us on the Aviary Rooftop Bar for food and drinks. Network with colleagues and discuss the days sessions
Day 2
10 Sep 2021

People at Work – Identifying and managing psychosocial hazards at work

Australian workplaces are required by law to manage risks to psychological health in the same was as risks to physical health. Beyond meeting these duties, there are numerous benefits for...
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Sam Popple

Mental health as a WHS risk: 5 key steps you need to take now

While it has always been part of the model WHS laws, mental health as a WHS risk is a key issue for safety professionals for 2021. It covers a range...
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Deanna McMaster

Mental Health – it’s more than the absence of mental illness”. What can we learn from ISO 45003

With the introduction of a new International Standard (ISO 45003 – OHS Management – Psychological Health and Safety at Work: Managing Psychological Risks) coinciding with the recent and ongoing COVID-19...
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Matthew Skubis

Let’s try and make sense of HVNL due diligence, legally and practically

Harold and his colleague, Belle Sakrzewski-Hetherington will unpack: Who is an Executive Officer for the purposes of HVNL due diligence (DD), why does it matter and the risks to your...
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Harold Downes

Measuring Resilience Potentials: A Pilot Program Using the Resilience Assessment Grid

Researchers in the resilience engineering space have proposed the notion that organisations operating in complex socio-technical systems cannot ‘be’ resilient but can have the ‘potential for resilient performance’. This theoretical...
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Peter Meredith

Electrical Safety

On 10 August 2020, the Honourable Grace Grace MP, Minister for Education, Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister for Racing, accepted nine recommendations made in the Electrical Safety Commissioner’s report,...
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Alan Girle

From Reacting to Learning – The Next Step in Org. Effectiveness

What gets measured gets done, or so we believe! Today many organisations are driven by KPI’s and dashboards. The result of this often means that we focus on efficiency, getting...
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Andy Shone

Work-from-anywhere: When the office is a moving target (distributed workforce management)

Distributed workforce management is not new, but the epic change in work design during a pandemic is a confronting yet opportunity-laden experience for most organisational strategists. The question is: How...
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Dr Trajce Cvetkovski
Sara Pazell

Coaching for Leadership in OHS

There are many misconceptions about coaching due to its origin in sports and other performance skill. However, coaching for development (and in particular leadership) is not about giving advice from...
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Mark Cooper

The Future of Safety Training. Hear about the epic results achieved by OHS teams who are rejecting status quo training and delivering safety training experiences.

Let’s be honest. 99% of safety training stinks. You know, the fatigue management training that left you feeling more fatigued than a long haul flight. Or the safety induction where...
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Tim Evans

Mindsets for Personal Performance

‘Assisting leaders to create winning environments.’ There’s no better feeling than winning. Delivering on expectations, achieving goals, executing skills and living out values. It’s the feeling of looking back on what you’ve achieved...
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Dan Collins