Contractor Management – NHVR

30 Aug 2019
12:30 - 13:00
St George Room

Contractor Management – NHVR

Sue Bottrell has worked in occupational health and safety, including the transport industry, and worker’s compensation rehabilitation for the past 18 years. Sue is a suitably qualified OHS professional as defined by Worksafe Victoria (2008), has qualifications in safety to a Masters level in both health and safety and law.

Sue is a practicing lawyer in safety and employment law and was the first safety professional in Australia to become a Certified Chartered Generalist OHS Professional Member of the Safety Institute of Australia. Sue is a legal and safety expert in the management of contractor safety in respect of health and safety generally and under the heavy vehicle national law (HVNL) chain of responsibility (COR).

In 2010 Sue Bottrell, after watching a Principle Contractor be found guilty for failing to manage the safety of expert contractors, wrote an article looking at the legal issues surrounding management of contractor safety, and the legal obligations imposed on employers under the health and safety legislation.

In that article, she challenged the obligations which were being placed on Principle contractors to take control over contractor’s safety arrangements requiring them to go to significant lengths to approve, monitor and supervise those arrangements.

The position proposed in that article pre-empted the land mark decision of the High Court in 2012 in Baiada Poultry v the Queen. That case set the scene to significantly change procedures adopted by employers and contractors when managing contractor safety, which should have reduced the associated administrative burden.

Recently changes to the National Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) have aligned that legislation with the position confirmed by the High Court in the Baiada decision meaning that COR obligations are now interpreted in the same way as the obligations under Workplace Health and Safety legislation.

Sue provides sensible and well-informed advice to explain the impact of these changes and their impact on parties to the Chain including distributors, transporters and receivers of goods.

Sue will present an informative and practical session looking at the changes, explaining those changes in simple terms, challenging misinformation and removing the confusion in the transport industry, as well as providing an update on the case law in respect of contractor management generally.

By participating in this session, you will better understand your obligations as a principal contractor and a party in the chain of responsibility, avoid over complicating your processes and target your efforts where they are needed most to support compliance and best practice management of contractor related safety.