Have we lost the battle for workplace mental health?

13 Nov 2020

Have we lost the battle for workplace mental health?

Workplace Mental health remains a hot topic, with no signs of interest abating. But is what we are doing working? How can we have so many providers, so many supposed solutions, so much investment, but seemingly so little discernible impact? It begs the question – have we officially lost the battle for workplace mental health?

A critical analysis of many contemporary approaches would suggest that much of the seminal research in this domain is being overlook. Add to this a largely unregulated provider landscape, and there seems to be limited transparency and accountability when it comes to workplace mental health program effectiveness. In fact, it is plausible that some ill-informed workplace mental health practices may actually be leading to negative outcomes for individuals, teams and workplaces.

With many organisations struggling to build the foundations for a mentally healthy workplace, let alone manage the ever changing demands of work, it is time to take a step back, rethink our collective approach to workplace mental health and adopt a more evidence-informed approach. How do we separate the outlandish claims, the faux thought leadership and glossy feel goods, from the stuff that actually works.

This thought provoking and practical presentation by Dave Burroughs will capture some of his personal and professional observations from his extensive career as a workplace psychologist and strategist consulting to major organisations internationally. Dave will explore some of the key considerations and critical factors for ensuring your workplace mental health strategy actually works, as well as explore some of the missing links, and emerging practices in contemporary approaches to workplace mental health.