What is Measured is Managed – The Role of the Safety Professional in Building a Case for Change

30 Aug 2019
13:15 - 13:45
Board Room

What is Measured is Managed – The Role of the Safety Professional in Building a Case for Change

There has been a significant shift in focus and attention from Boards and Executive leaders when it comes to measurement and reporting for health and safety(HS). For years health and safety professionals have agreed that the common metrics used to measure, communicate and compare HS are flawed, but by and large, there has been little shift from these ‘lag’ indicators. Recent events such as the Dreamworld tragedy and several royal commissions (banking, aged care) are driving an expectation of better governance and demonstration from Boards and Executives that they are meeting their due diligence obligations.

Boards and Executives are now wanting greater details on the material risks and issues, the effectiveness of controls, and non-financial performance.
They are quickly realizing, what HS professionals have known for some time, that common HS reporting indicators and compliance metrics do not measure performance not sufficiently inform due diligence obligations.

There seems to be an emerging opportunity for changing how HS is measured, reported and communicated.
The HS professional has the critical role of manager of this change. If done effectively it will support, he Board and Executives in their quest for increase knowledge and ultimately drive the organization towards improved performance and due diligence.

This presentation outlines some of the key elements of change for the HS professional to consider:
• Understanding the barriers to change – if these are well understood they can be addressed
• Approach to measuring what is meaningful – what is measured is managed and improved
• Improving communication techniques -the ‘Why’ and ‘So What’ – making sure the information is turned into knowledge and owned