Ben Hutchinson

Ben Hutchinson


I’m a qualified HSEQ Manager, Fatigue Specialist and Exercise Physiologist with a focus on adaptive principles.

I’m currently undertaking a part-time PhD in Safety Science.

I have an interest in major hazard disasters (e.g. gas and mining explosions, fatal construction incidents), safety-in-design, Major Hazard Facilities, process safety, fatigue and organisational culture. I’m also interested in complex adaptive systems, organisational drift, HRO and resilience engineering and the psychology of risk in order to avert major incidents in complex environments.

Furthermore, I have an interest in using bow-ties and systemic models (e.g. FRAM, AcciMap, STAMP) for reactive/proactive risk management.

Mostly, I’m interested in understanding people: how people and groups make sense of situations, make decisions, and socially construct a worldview of risk. We should focus on a humanistic and genuine concern for people, respect their adaptive intelligence and build relationships through dialogue—not control.

Here, I’m driven to understand how real work occurs and how people adapt to local conditions (work-as-done)—not a fantasy ideal of how work is done (work-as-imagined). We need to focus on normal work, not just failure, and remove barriers to work.

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