Patrick Weedon

Patrick Weedon


Scout Aerial Group is a leading diversified operating and investment group with market leading businesses and investments in remote sensing and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) operations. With a core focus on operations and manufacturing in Australia, Asia Pacific and Africa, the Scout aerial group of companies has a diverse exposure to international markets as well as rapidly growing technologies.

As a global group, our core business is made up of Scout Aerial Australia (Aus), Scout Aerial Africa (Africa) and Scout Aerial Systems (Aus), each catering to a range of markets and applications across the globe, particularly mainland Australia, Papua New Guinea, and wide coverage of Africa. Scout Aerial Group is passionate about innovation and is constantly expanding its diverse product and service portfolio across a variety of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and remote sensing expertise and technologies

As an RPAS pioneer, Scout Aerial is certified for both fixed wing and multirotor operations. Our wide exposure to the industry has seen the development of leading safety management systems and valuable experience across our three operational divisions: Remote Inspections, Aerial Surveying and Aerial Media.

With offices in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, we specialize in remote sensing solutions across the board:

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New Tech and Computer Vision Systems

29 Aug 2019
14:00 - 14:30
St George Room