Ron Day

Ron Day


CRC Press (Taylor & Francis group) in the US has published my Design Error book under the name “Design Error: A Human Factors Approach”. In this book I explain my new accident causation model “Randon Clustering”, my Three Cap strategy for choosing an appropriate Systems Development Life Cycle model, and set out a set of rules to guide designers in producing safe and error-free designs.

I have worked in many aspects of the ICT industry over the last 22 years and gained a wide experience that includes developer, project manager, tester, business analyst, manager documentation and training, and roll-out manager across the whole country. I have directed teams of developers and worked closely with stakeholders and end-users, and taken their responses to systems operation back to the design team.

In the last three years I have completed a PhD in systems design error and have developed a range of strategies to ensure that new and reworked systems are error-free. By employing my solutions to safe design, systems have been completed on time and on budget, and required little or no reworking.

My experiences with rail and air carriers, power generation and distribution companies, designers, business people and government departments has indicated that my work in design error mitigation applies not only to IT system development, but also to a wide range of business process and procedures development as well as engineered technologies and devices.

My research results have led to the development of a design risk error avoidance analytical tool.. This tool can be used to identify potential safety hazards in design processes, to help accident investigators analyse and audit, and to provide a focus for staff training.

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New Tech and Automation

29 Aug 2019
13:15 - 13:45
St George Room